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  • See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs. If it does warn you, take it to BMW to check it, the F20 has a common issue with leaking coolant or leaking radiator. This recall should have been made years ago as owners suffer from an internal engine leak (from damaged water pipe seals), Commonly known as the "weep hole" coolant leak. It’s recommended during the service. Quote Reply Topic: Common 1 Series Problems Posted: 01 Mar 2014 at 11:42am Here is a list of common 1 series problems with solutions that most people have found to work. But by mid April, I having coolant issues Coolant Radiator Water Hose Pipe For BMW E81 E87 E82 11 New , Buy it now - Coolant Radiator Water Hose Pipe For BMW E81 E87 E82 116i 118i 120i 17127525023 Add to Watch list Added to your Watch list [Archive] The second generation of the BMW 1 Series range of hatchback cars. Coolant in oil 1 Answer So i have my 323ci bmw year 2000 we changed the crank case ventalator on it and it runs but when we put antifreeze in it, it shuts off and we kept putting coolant in it trying to figure it out cuz Thermostat Heater Control Circuit Open. Aug 21, 2009 · I was driving to work and car lost power and started pumping out white smoke. My 2013 BMW 116i is currently in for its 40,000 km service. my - Used BMW 116i F20 for sale, 1 owner, guarantee no - Carlist. Estimate does not include taxes and fees. The main reason why a catalytic converter is a bright red is due to a cylinder misfire. May 16, 2015 · When the coolant spare tank ages over time, it becomes brittle and hairline cracks may occur causing coolant to leak before you know it. I'm not a BMW driver, but I am worried Solution is simple- RTV or new seals from BMP DESIGN company, since bmw only sells small oring and they want you to buy 300$ vacuum pump instead. 1. I have a coolant leak underneath my car. 0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and 3. I have no car,everyday it's a new story about fixing the car. The smoke was coming out of the exhaust smelt like chemicals and maybe fuel. 4. Our comprehensive reviews include detailed ratings on Price and Features, Design, Practicality, Engine, Fuel Consumption, Ownership, Driving & Safety. Troubleshooting coolant loss is often a complicated procedure, as some components are difficult to access. Very important: Ask a trusted private mechanic or BMW Dealer to test the fuel pressure on the fuel rail pressure fitting beside the fuel injector nozzles. 11626 Slater Ave NE Ste 1. It brings superb dynamic car performance and lifts ordinary car handling to a higher level. have made several enquiries to toyota workshops for prices etc all say that complete removal is necisary to seperate Our online shop offers a wide range of automotive spare parts for BMW 1 Hatchback (E87) 116 i Petrol, 2003, 115 HP Order the required parts simply and conveniently on our auto parts online store and take advantage of our low prices BMW is recalling 32,084 various vehicle makes from model years 2008 through 2011 because the circuit board for the electric auxiliary water pump can overheat, which could cause smoldering of the In many cases, this will temporarily reset BMW drivetrain malfunction and allow you to continue your journey. Inspect Engine. there are products on the market however they very often do very little or BMW N43B20 engine reliability, problems and repair. Jul 18, 2017 · Prevent misdiagnosis—bring your BMW to the experts in San Diego. David Mills November 30, 2016 at 1:41 am - Reply My car is leaking oil. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. Good Day, Need advice and help on a car I bought last year mid August which gave me problems shortly after that,bought the car BMW 118 from Active Auto in Vereeniging and now it's been full two months since the engine stopped and towed to the dealer. Not available in the USA the F20/F21 was released in 2011 as the successor to the E81/E87. there is nothing goin on. Common Causes. is the car leaking coolant? Can it be driven? BMW 1 Series 116i 2013. Valve covers sit at the top of the engine to protect the valves and rocker arms. But that doesn’t mean you should take your BMW to any mechanic. That's the reason why they call BMW "The Ultimate Driving Machine". Equip: 3. The most common colours you will come across are green, red, blue, yellow or orange. Blue smoke comes from oil burning in the cylinders. N43 was equipped with direct injection system. The body styles of the F20/F21 range are a 3-door hatchback (F21) and 5-door hatchback (F20). When your car begins to leak coolant the first indicator is the engine will start run hot and possibly overheat. NAPA Auto Parts Genuine Parts Company. Park the vehicle in a safe location and turn off the engine. bearings, are 100% leak tested. If you are losing coolant, but not seeing any on the ground, this would likely be an internal coolant leak. Im currently looking for a used car which is BMW 116i year around from 2012-2013 and probally with around 30k - 40k KM done. Jun 08, 2018 · BMW cars are especially known for their efficiency, durability, and reliability; however, even BMWs run into issues from time to time. (see photo) This corrosion allows for the leak around the seal that results in coolant leaking from the weep hole in the engine block, noted above. This is from a 3 series E90 with N52 engine but I have seen this on all new Aug 26, 2013 · The Bentley repair manual for your given BMW or MINI will assist in diagnosing a cooling system leak as well as guiding the repairs. These are little rubber boots that are supposed to keep motor oil from leaking down the valve bodies thru the valve bearings into the cylinders. ) Hi guys, I need to top-up the coolant slightly on my N52 engine 3 series. Oil usually gets in through either a leaking intake valve seal or through worn piston rings. Nitrite-free, phosphate-free, premium Si-organic acid technology formula provides long-life protection for European vehicles requiring genuine G-40 or G12++ coolant Provides protection for 5 years / 150,000 miles in light duty applications and 3 years / 300,000 miles in heavy duty applications Aug 18, 2019 · bmw 1 series 116 i 2012 oil loss, coolant loss and engine splutter when cold DISCLAIMER: bimmerownersclub. I was looking to get it topped up as so I rang BMW to buy some new coolant and they told me my coolant should be blue! BMW 1' (E87) All Models 116i, 116d, 118i, 118d, 120i, 120d, 123d, 130i Repair Service Manual. BMW N13 engine problems and drawbacks. It’s why the liquid in your radiator doesn’t freeze when everything else seems to be! You can choose a concentrated coolant that needs to be mixed with water or a ready-mixed one that can be used immediately. It was used in BMW 16i models. Explains at least partly why we are seeing BMW diesels catching fire in the engine bay. Jan 19, 2017 · Ideal Coolant Temprature for BMW F20 116i. anyways, it is up to you to believe it or not, but simply type "bmw leaking oil or coolant n62, n63" in google and things will look very different from other cars maintenance. Kirkland, WA 98034 BMW 116i ** BMW 118d ** BMW 118d xDrive ** BMW 118i ** BMW 120d ** BMW Coolant Flush. This is a very inexpensive test BUT the fuel filter must be clean to get an accurate fuel pressure reading. One school of thought says if you don't mind doing it potentially 30,000 miles before it needs it, then do it to avoid being on the side of the road. Considering that these little boots go up and down between 1-3 thousand times a minute, little tears develop. Jun 05, 2015 · I have done compression checks since rebuild 165 across the board, cylinder leakage test is 5 percent and coolant system check at 18 psi for 36 hours straight with no indication of leak. We specialise in breaking and dismantling a wide popular range of BMW models for quality used car parts and spares. The engine coolant thermostat heater controls coolant flow and regulates the engine operating temperature. Although BMWs are particularly well made cars, they still encounter the average issues that all vehicles experience occasionally. Be sure to check your reservoir, hoses and your radiator for leaks that led to low coolant levels too. Voluntary Emissions Recall Campaign No. > You can be confident Gates Water Pumps will perform exactly as they should. It’s easy to do with our great selection of replacement engine cooling parts. As the first BMW, so im seeking the advice about the feedback of the car from any users. The finished product is also 100% leak tested for both the casting and assembled water pump. Rego 1 year Second mature owner. Due to the cooling system on many BMWs being made mostly out of plastic, over time these coolant flanges can become brittle and be the source of leaks. Either the engine is burning coolant or you have a leak somewhere. Bavarian Autosport will have the Bentley manuals as well as any repair parts that may be needed, to include; radiator, hoses, gaskets, head gasket sets, coolant, expansion tanks and caps, etc. U0100 Diagnostic Trouble Code For Bmw 116i Meaning U BMW of North America, LLC, (BMW) is recalling certain 2011-2013 X5 xDrive35i, X5 xDrive50i, X5 M and X5 xDrive35d vehicles, 2011-2014 X6 xDrive35i, X6 xDrive50i and X6M vehicles, and 2011 x6 BMW OEM Power Steering Hose - Cooling Coil - Fluid Container E46 32416796390 320i 323Ci 323i 325Ci 325i 328Ci 328i 330Ci 330i by OEM Only 2 left in stock - order soon. 5 stars out of 5 based on 49 reviews on Yelp. The ECM supplies 12 V to the thermostat. on my car that spot is empty. Welcome to the wonderful world of BMW cooling issues. Original BMW Engine Oils are produced to the same high standards as our BMW engines themselves, ensuring the best performance, efficiency and longevity possible. BMW operates in accordance with the code of practice on safety defects, as agreed between the Department for Transport and the representative Trade Associations This flange connects the upper radiator hose to the cylinder head on N4x engined BMW's. 0 liter engine, coolant leaks are most likely to occur where the hoses connect to the engine. 0-liter V6 were also high on the excessive bmw 1 Series 116i 2007 model - engine oil capacity. Misdiagnosis of oil leaks can lead to complete engine failure, so getting a professional diagnosis as soon as you notice the leak can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Dec 10, 2019 · Another common reason why a catalytic converter glows red is that raw fuel is getting into the catalytic converter and is getting burned there. How The mode of failure with this pump appears to be simple age and miles, likely exasperated by a lack of coolant changes. 3. The video above shows you where the coolant reservoir, hoses and connections on your 2008 X5 3. Apr 10, 2012 · BMW has issued a recall, # 11V-521 (Service Bulletin 11 08 11), due to moisture getting into the turbocharger coolant pump, causing an electrical short circuit. \012The new one worked only 1 month then sudently stoped for some kms and then was ok for some days then stoped for ever. and I see that most of cars has efficientdynamics on indicator. Comments: I have a 1988 325i BMW convertible that has R134 coolant for the air conditioning but still has the original compressor. Combined with the expertise of a BMW Service Centre, they provide the best maintenance for your BMW. BMW Wants about 400$ for all the lines but it seems like the only parts that leak are between the rubber hose and the metal line. The club is not part of BMW nor affiliated with or endorsed by BMW in any way. 2L Mar 22, 2019 · After needing to top up the coolant a couple of times over previous months, I suspected a leaky EGR cooler and took it to North Oxford BMW to be checked. From a purely visual perspective, the most surefire evidence of a blown head gasket is the presence of leaked coolant along the gasket surface. Dec 30, 2010 · Re: My bmw 116i is running rough, seems to be off a 1. The dealer of the car will know what the exact fuel pressure should be. For BMW Inspection, BMW Quick Service, BMW Minor Service, BMW Major Service, BMW Ac Repair & Service, Transmission Repair & Rebuild, Suspension Repair, Engine Repair & Rebuild, Gearbox Repair, Leak Repair, Shocks Repair, Steering Repair, BMW Computer Check In Dubai. It's because every BMW is engineered to respond with precision and agility to its driver's every command, every impulse. The only Leaks from the valve cover gasket are common in many BMW engines. The video above shows you where the coolant reservoir, hoses and connections on your 2014 X1 xDrive28i are located and the steps needed to fix minor leaks. In the majority of cases, leaks occur between the engine’s combustion and cooling components. : radiator). I previously owned the first generation 1-series (E87) and this is a vast improvement in every detail. Here is a link to a picture of the expansion tank. Air pipes for any leaks, any rips or tears holes etc in the air system quite common on BMW's. The codes P0597, P0598 and P0599 all refer to an electronically controlled engine thermostat Bmw 116i No offers 1. Turbo cold air intake cracked - needs replacement. Service. The whole job will cost you less than 20$. HELP! Mine is leaking, but I'm wondering if that is the problem low MPG, gas smell from exhaust. BMW M135i 2020 review - BMW goes mainstream with its new Golf R rival BMW’s latest hot hatch is a good car, but no longer a unique one, and misses the mark for pure fun Dec 27, 2013 · #2. May 10, 2018 · BMW says call BMW Emergency Services on 0800 777 109 and the car will be taken to a BMW retailer where the recall fix will be carried out free of charge. Sep 17, 2017 · BMW Mechanic: Kevin, BMW Mechanic replied 2 years ago If you change head gasket and do valve job this will only cure issue if its caused by valve seals which from when the smoke is occuring i dont believe this to be the case . If the water pump is leaking, check the serpentine belt for signs of fluid contamination. 0L TwinTurbo Straight 6 Engine Automatic M-Sport Package interior and exterior M-Sport Suspension Xenon Headlights with adaptive and static corner light Headlight washers Leather Dakota White 10 Speaker Hi-Fi Surround-Sound System Bluetooth Telephone function Aux TV May 10, 2018 · BMW says call BMW Emergency Services on 0800 777 109 and the car will be taken to a BMW retailer where the recall fix will be carried out free of charge. I'm not a BMW driver, but I am worried BMW X5 Window Fails to Open or Close - 51 reports. It could be the rad, expansion tank, any coolant hose or even water pump. The plastic necks fall off, causing the upper hose to fall off and spew coolant everywhere. It is important to take these things into consideration when looking for a coolant leak. Overview Complaint. Remove the bleeder screw and then fill the coolant until coolant comes out of the bleeder screw hole. 0L. 9 stars out of 5 based on 133 reviews on Google+. my bmw 116i showed low level oil i changed and put 5ltrs but i drive 5kms it reads low oil again,but it is not leaking,how many litres are enough for it Power is reduced with the help of ECU firmware. Get engine checked as soon as possible. Of course there are 3 potential causes, oil leaks, and oil consumption that cause oil loss, and faulty oil level sensors (most common on older models). Excited as I always wanted to drive a BMW. It's inherently difficult to find. Small leaks can cause oil to accumulate on the undersides of the engine, while larger ones may produce a drip of oil from the front of the engine. 11 Oct 2012, 19:21 UTC · by BMW calls its special exhaust manifold Cylinder-bank Comprehensive Manifold or CCM for short. I really need to get it fixed asap. Vibration. coolant reservoir is cracked aswell but tiny dent on the top not leaking anything - obviously trying to rip me. Coolant leak fault BMW cars aren’t known for having air conditioning problems, but if the air isn’t blowing cold when the temperature rises, that doesn’t matter for much. e. head cover for the valves - leaking oil. Bmw 320d Coupe Oil Leak Motor Vehicle Maintenance Repair Stack Bmw 1 Series Under Bonnet + Dec 05, 2016 · Cracks in the vehicles coolant system could also cause coolant leaks. Keep the engine in your 2005 BMW 1-Series running cool and leak-free. Oil leaks are the most common symptom of a problem with the crankshaft seal. i still think you have a puston ring issue . The coolant spare tank has a level sensor located at the bottom. I Have E87 2008 116i And I Have 205/55/16 7jx16 P0599 Bmw Description The Engine Control Module controls the Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) thermostat. It is dripping from further back away from the radiator, so i am guess it is a hose of some kind. com is an independent BMW forum for owners of BMW vehicles. A bad PCV valve may have a leak, which will cause excessive oil consumption. bmw recall information. my 175000 km; Coupe (2 door) Auto; 6 cyl ; Hey Guys, BMW 335i E92 N54 175000. This BMW 540 has was diagnosed with a defective engine coolant pump. CR also found that Audi’s 2. The average cost for a BMW 325i coolant leak diagnosis is between $44 and $56. 6 petrol 6 speed manual Dual climate control Automatic lights Arms rest Cup holders New tires New brakes 1 year mot Mechanically perfect Body work rough No warning lights on the dash Engine gearbox perfect No oil leaks no coolant leaks Just been serviced oil filters & plugs ready to go . Gates has been producing the highest quality automotive products for over 100 years, and supplies the world’s largest car Turbo Coolant Return Line O-Ring - WHT 006 124 - 7436 - Engine/Gasket & Seals - OEM VW / Audi - USP Motorsports is a leader in auto parts for Volkswagen, BMW, Audi & Porsche. Arctic white, black leather etc. Now I have been driving it like that to and from work. Complaint: The customer states the check engine light is on and the vehicle overheats. Then re-install the screw and top. 0 2006-2007-2008-2009-2010-2011 Radiator and Coolant Best Price In Abu Dhabi E81 BMW 118d 2006-2007-2008-2009-2010-2011 Radiator and Coolant Best Price In Ajman Oct 11, 2012 · BMW TwinPower Turbo Engines Explained. What to look for when buying a BMW 1 Series 2011 - 2019, covering common problems to check for and overall vehicle reliability. 2. The only problem is they only sell the BMW coolant at the dealer. BMWFanatics Forum › BMW Models › 1 Fanatics (E81/E87 and E82/E88 F20) BMW sensor faults and problems . The temperature gauge didnt go up, nor was the engine smoky when I opened th bonnet. Disassembly of the front cover and removal of the water pump allowed for inspection of the pump. Puddles of coolant found under your vehicle would be from an external [Archive] Coolant Leak E39 (1997 - 2003) I have 98 528i. \012There is no leak of freon\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 01-06-2020 Our philosophy of supplying leading brand, automotive used parts to fit BMW, has seen the company grow from strength to strength since opening in 2000. , In Stock 100% guarantee. Coolant Leak Symptoms . an A-Rating on Angie's List From 15 Reviews Coolant can leak from the reservoir or from the hoses, in 2014 X1s with the 2. . MSV80 DME Version . If the crankshaft seal dries out, cracks, or breaks, it can cause an oil leak. My issue with my BMW 116i. It is powered by a pulley and belt system. This will usually cause the head gasket to leak compression between adjacent cylinders, or leak coolant into the cylinders. BMW’s use a electric water pump, rather than a traditional water pump. BMW 1-Series Engine Problems. 0L; 1977 - 1978 BMW 630CSi Base 6 Cyl 3. It’s also a frequent problem on the N54…I blew mine at 42k miles, our E60 blew one at 60k miles, and our E90 had a failed one at some point as well. Pull the hood release under the dashboard and inspect the engine for leaks and unusual smells which can indicate a damaged serpentine belt, oil leak or coolant As oil leaks from the valve cover gasket, it obviously leaves the oil pan. May last year we took delivery of a brand new BMW 116i for the wife. Variable valve lift system Valvetronic was finally removed. I waited for the car to cool and Jun 30, 2008 · Blue smoke is engine oil. May 14, 2019 · BMW’s are infamous for water pump failure, and it is certainly very prevalent on the N52. Aug 17, 2009 · 1986 BMW 535i Coolant Temperature Sensor? There seems to be three coolant temperature sensors located near the thermostat housing in my 86 535i, does anyone know which does what and specifically which is the one used by the computer to set the mixture, and what the resistance reading should be ?? Nov 27, 2011 · Re: Any new 116i owners?) Hi all, Got my 1 series in Feb 2012. Honestly it's very hard to say where the leak could be. The repair is to replace the auxiliary coolant pump with an updated and improved unit. Vaccum pump needs replacement - ?did they even check it? 3. If you have low level of coolant warning lit on your dashboard, it is either you have a faulty sensor or coolant leak. Ad ID: 1362703763 Bmw 116i 06 plate rusted underneath bmw 1 series 116 i 2012 oil loss, coolant loss and engine splutter when cold Models of BMW Vehicles ; BMW 1 Series Forum Overheating Problems Cost Estimate BMW 1 Series 116i 2013. -old oil cap will also create vacuum leak -leaking valve cover gaskets will also create air leaks and more importantly leaking spark plug pipes will create misfires due to fouling ignition coils. Some people, as a temporary measure, tie a plastic bag over the end of the overflow pipe to see if any coolant is escaping. 4L, BMW F10 M5 S63 4. uk – For The Smarter Car Buyer Home . Nov 11, 2011 · Coolant leaking from the weep hole means it is time for a new water pump, but it also may indicate that the water pump bearings are worn. Jan 11, 2016 · The oxygen sensor transmits the data to the vehicle’s PCM to maintain the optimal air to fuel ratio for your engine. 6 2006-2007-2008-2009-2010-2011 Radiator and Coolant Best Price In Dubai E81 BMW 116i 2. This is because the pressure in the crankcase may increase when the PCV valve fails, so the oil is pushed out through the White or grey smoke indicates water in the cylinders, likely due to a coolant leak through the intake gasket or head gasket. A recall is a safety critical action implemented by the manufacturer due to design or construction tolerance which may affect the safe operation of the product. The expansion tank filler cap is a prime suspect when coolant loss occurs. Mar 31, 2011 · The first thing to check will be coolant level. BMW part# 11141439975 on the 5-series, 6-series, 7-series, X5 and some Range Rover. - Nick at Pelican Parts Recommended antifreeze for radiators of BMW 3-Series. The car cools fine when temperatures are in the low to mid 70's but above that it does poorly. Dec 12, 2016 · 2009 BMW 535i N54 E60 coolant leak on Turbo lines repair - Duration: 28:32. We specialize in: performance parts, replacement parts, OEM parts, tools, kits and more. For instance, coolant leaks are one of the most common auto issues seen in shops. The service engine soon lamp may be illuminated and/or the engine is overheating and a check control message is displayed. 4L, BMW F13 M6 S63 4. I would think the chances of it being as simple as the coolant cap are very very slim (I've followed that glimmer of hope before). Maic Salazar Diagnostics 3,974 views Sources of Coolant Leaks in BMW 7-Series Ultimate Bimmer Service received . However, specific troubleshooting steps will vary depending on the vehicle. I suspect it is related to the EGR coolers failing, (leak and/or use coolant) which quite a few are experiencing. This Genuine BMW Turbo Coolant Line Repair Kit (Mfg#11538092360) fits BMW F06 M6 Gran Coupe S63 4. 6 in Selangor Automatic Hatchback White for RM 62,000 - 6427315 - Carlist. Then in the picture component 3 is a bleeder screw. 0L; 1975 - 1978 BMW 530i Base 6 Cyl 3. So it seems the hoses them self break down and you just need to change them. This engine is the N13B16 unit, which was a joint venture between BMW and PSA, designated Prince. If that is the case though, you will need to replace the part as soon as possible. Additionally, don’t use cheap (green or orange, American or Asian spec) coolant. This topic applies to. It shakes all the time but mostly when I am stopped at a red light or when I try to go over 40mph. What does that mean? This is a generic powertrain diagnostic trouble code (DTC), which means it covers all makes/models, 1996-newer. Find out how much coolant does your car need. Labor costs are estimated between $44 and $56. Results can run from an overheated pump to potential of a fire (due to an extremely overheated pump). It was added new about a year and a half ago after I needed a replacement radiator (a local garage added in the coolant). Μεταχειρισμένα Bmw 116 Αυτοκίνητα πωλείται, Bmw, Πετρέλαιο. Genuine BMW 1 series E81 E82 E87 116i 118i Coolant Inlet Pipe V20-1258 fits BMW 1 Series I have a 2003 Mini Cooper and the colour of my coolant is red. 0Si Base 6 Cyl 3. Allow the engine to cool and check coolant levels. This model was used in BMW 14i models. 0si are located and the steps needed to fix minor leaks. It’s therefore advisable to replace the water pump, thermostat and thermostat housing every 30K miles and to change your pipes every 100K miles, even if they appear to be OK. The radiators generally don't leak on these cars. Complete service repair manual with Electrical Wiring Diagrams for BMW 1-Series E87 5-door hatchback All Models 116i, 116d, 118i, 118d, 120i, 120d, 123d, 130i, with all the shop information to maintain, diagnostic, repair, refurbish/rebuild like professional mechanics. Επιβεβαίωση ηλικίας. I can’t get on the freeway since it doesn’t go over 45 mph. It also doesn’t accelerate like it used to. Updated leak identified *** Where is the coolant going in my F20?? Post by JPC-BMW » Sun Jan 17, 2016 3:25 pm Hello, the Mrs has a coolant leak somewhere on her 116i 2012 F20. If any of these belts have snapped or are missing, your engine is likely overheating. The covers are bolted to the engine and sealed by a cork or rubber gasket. Always remember to read your car’s owner manual before you add a coolant to the car. Οι αγγελίες της κατηγορίας είναι μόνο για ενήλικες. In order to perform a visual inspection on the sensor, proceed Jun 06, 2012 · This video shows the location of an often overlooked coolant leak location that is found on both BMW and Mini Coopers. I have a 2008 BMW 335xi, and I need to perform a cooling leak test, but the 345 adapter per Assenmacher's website and Amazon listing is only compatible with 1988-2005 BMW models 3, 5 and 7 series. 4L. : head gasket) or external (i. BMW Sensors Problems and Faults . The dealer has told me that the coolant expansion bottle has a minor crack and that a warning light would have been glowing on my dashboard (Weeping Hole, Coolant Pipe issue/repair. A small leak would only be the result of the leak, oil spillage. I have been trying to address the matter with them and all they tell me is that they Air condition compressor in a bmw 116i doesn't engaging \015 I had replace the air condition compressor after a failure in engaging after 5 years . Excessive oil consumption and leak. Use the BMW blue and remember that it’s 2:1 concentrated so use only distilled water as the other part. It has A good experience overall. what i mean is photo . E81 BMW 116i 1. They said not to add anything besides BMW Antifreeze/Coolant because other coolants you can buy at your local auto parts store can be corrosive and cause more harm to your cooling system. 0L; 1978 - 1984 BMW 633CSi Base 6 Cyl 3. co. 4L, BMW F12 M6 S63 4. N43B20 is a new 2-liter version of N42B20 which was produced with several modifications. Oct 24, 2009 · My coolant light came on earlier today and I called BMW to see what to do. Over time your Bmw 1 Series coolant expansion tank will end up having tiny holes in it through which the coolant can seep out. 99E-A01 Model: E36 – BMW 323i and BMW 328i with M52 engine produced June 1995 - December 1998 E36-BMW M3 with S52 engine produced January 1996 – December 1998 E39-BMW 528i with M52 engine produced March 1996 –August 1998 Model: 2006 BMW 525xi, 3. BMW E30 M3 Parts; BMW E36 Parts; BMW E36 M3 Parts; BMW E39 Parts; BMW E39 M5 Parts; BMW E46 Parts; BMW E46 M3 Parts; BMW E60 M5 Parts; BMW E82 Parts; BMW E90 Parts; BMW E90 M3 Parts; BMW E92 Parts; BMW E92 M3 Parts; BMW F30 Parts; BMW F80 M3 Parts; BMW Z3 Parts; BMW Z4 Parts; Most Recent Additions BMW F82 M4 Parts; BMW F83 M4 Parts; BMW F90 M5 Your BMW's water pump is an integral part of the cooling system. Open your BMW's hood and examine the belts that sit at the front of the engine. Apr 22, 2013 · * BMW 1 Series problems from '04-present * Reliability issues and recalls explained * Read before you buy Jul 03, 2015 · Other BMW vehicles that top the list are the BMW 6 Series, 7 Series and BMW X5. A large leak would cause a drop in engine oil pressure and VANOS function. Find all the key specs about the BMW 1-Series Hatchback from fuel efficiency and top speed, to running costs, dimensions data and lots more Parkers. Coolant can leak from the reservoir or from the hoses, in 2008 X5s with the 3. Coolant leaks can be internal (i. Diagnosis: Connected a scan tool and found codes: 2E81 – Electric Coolant Pump, Speed Deviation, Speed Outside Of The Specified Range, and 2E82 – Electric Coolant Pump Cutoff, Over Current. I drove it very slowly to work and checked the oil to see if there was a mix of that and water - the oil seems fine. New pistons were installed to increase compression ratio up to 12. N13B16K0 (2012 –present) is another modification with 102 HP at 4,000 rpm and 180 Nm at 1,100-3,900 rpm. Owning a BMW car brings great pride and ultimate driving experience. They told me the EGR was fine, but they had found a leak coming from the water pump/thermostat area and recommended replacing both. 0-liter V6 were also high on the excessive This light does NOT mean you are due for an oil change that is a common misconception amongst new BMW owners; this light indicates you are AT LEAST 1 quart/liter low on engine oil. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 5 months ago. The 114i & 116i are identical bar the ECU mapping, the 118i has a larger diameter exhaust. Get the best deals on Cooling System Hoses & Clamps for BMW 1 Series. For example, if you have a cylinder misfire due to a bad spark plug or ignition coil. My BMW 325i started shaking and lost a lot of power and the check engine light turned on. I purchased this car under some duress after a dreadful 22 month experience with my dream car, a Porsche Boxster (don’t believe the hype about engineering quality, but that’s for another review perhaps…. Symptoms were overheating and damaged drive belt system. Hi, I Have A Bmw 116i 2005, The Passenger Side Blows Hot But The Driver Side Blows Cold, The Temperature Is On Max, There Is No Climate Find all of our 2013 BMW 116i Reviews, Videos, FAQs & News in one place. March 7, 2015 : Followup from the Pelican Staff: Depends on how bad the leak is. Very good high quality coolant flange, often an overlooked part when replacing the water pump as people will reuse whatever is already there but forget that with a lot of brands their tolerances are different and so a new pump with an old flange can be a recipe for leaks and doing the job twice (ask me how I know haha). If this symbol lights up in red on the BMW 1 Series, stop as soon as safely possible and turn off the engine immediately. Its cooling system is not receiving a steady flow of coolant. To see how frequently BMW 1-Series problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. All Models with the N51, N52 or N52K engine . Coolant & Antifreeze The quality of your BMW coolant is vital not only for keeping engine temperatures in check but also for lubricating the water pump, protecting against corrosion and build-up, anti-freeze in winter months, and assist in cooling for engine and transmission oil coolers on some models. If light illuminates yellow, reduce speed to allow engine to cool. INTERESTING STORY: One friend of mine bought 750li 2007 with 103k in okay condition with ONLY check engine light on, so when i inspected it, i was pleasantly surprised: Hmmm, difficult one if no external signs. Non smoker. anyone had so many issues with a 4 year old car???? Unbelievable F20 Oil leaks. Coolant is a transparent fluid and different manufacturers add dyes to differentiate the coolant base. A bad or failing oxygen sensor will have a negative impact on environmental emissions and engine performance, so there are a 3 things to watch out for before your oxygen sensor completely fails. Open the cap and check the level. An overheated engine can seize causing irreparable damage. If there was a water leak into one of the cylinders then it would normally pressurise the coolant system which would be seen by pressure releasing at the cap and you would find combustion chamber gases in the coolant system, get a local MOT station to run their gas analyser into the expansion bottle to see if it can sense any gases. BMW 328i Oil Leaks From Lower Engine Area - 216 reports. Please Contact Our Service Advisor Now. We Are Providing Complete BMW Car Coolant Flushing, Engine Coolant, Coolant Fluid, Radiator Flushing, Air Conditioner Coolant, Ac Coolant, BMW Car Coolant Flushing Near Me and Coolant Top Up Facility In Dubai. Assenmacher has another BMW adapter BMW 350, but it's only listed as working with 2006 BMWs. the 134 hp 116i or the 170 Home / BMW F20 116i SHA / Repair 11 53 Thermostat and engine-proof coolant Fault Elimination (FEB) AM1104_00503 - Operating fluids leak from engine Make sure in that case that the coolant expansion tank of your 1 Series is not leaking. Can you say "new hose clamp" ?? So i did that but after a time leaks again. Nov 11, 2014 · BMWs have multiple components in their cooling systems and any of them could cause a leak, however the most common of coolant leaks are caused by a failed Coolant Temp Sensor located (in most cases) in the lower radiator hose BMW 1 series (F20) Model year: 2010 - 2015 Engine: N13 B16A Loss of coolant/coolant sensor The above vehicles may experience a slow coolant loss due to a defective coolant sensor. Air mass sensor or MAF sensor, this regulates the fuel to air mixture and often the cause of many a fault on many modern cars. Jan 11, 2016 · 1. Engine produces 136 HP at 4 350 rpm and 22 Nm at 1,350-4,300 rpm. Our stock of breakers parts includes full engines, gearboxes, electrical and mechanical suspension parts, leather and cloth interiors, body panels, alloy wheels and lights. Car A Rac presents recommended by manufacturers types for all popular vehicles. Like Brandon says, it sounds like valve guide seals. 0i E87 E90 E60 116i 318i 520i 2003-2013 / Thermostat Coolant Flange for BMW 3 Coupe,E92,N43 B20 A Aug 18, 2019 · adamhorton1991 started following bmw 1 series 116 i 2012 oil loss, coolant loss and engine splutter when cold, Bmw 116i 2012 heating problems and bmw 116i running poorly :(March 4 Bmw 116i 2012 heating problems 1975 - 1976 BMW 3. Antifreeze is added to the water in your engine’s cooling system that lowers its freezing point (and raises its boiling point too). Learn how it drives and what features set the 2013 BMW 116i apart from its rivals. 000 car parts available Engine Cooling Parts for BMW 1 Series; BMW 1 3 5 - SERIES 2. Find and shop for Maintenance 1 - Coolant & Antifreeze products online at everyday low prices at Wilco Direct Have 1997 80 series cruiser,leaking oil between gear box and transfer box at the joint that aligns with the gear box rubber mounts,box has we assume been removed before as different sealant has been used as to the type toyota uses,this sealant has let go and this is the problem. When this situation happens frequently, it can cause the Engine Oil Light to appear on your dashboard. BMW 116i 2014 1. BMW Eficcientdynamics does not apper on my car Hello guys, I have a 2015 bmw 116i M sport car. and I uploaded my car picture. In addition, you may also notice oil leaking through the seals and dripping on to the floor of your garage. This failure can occur as early as 40,000 miles on the BMW models and years listed below: 2004-2005 BMW 54i; 2006-2010 BMW 550i; 2004-2005 BMW 645Ci; 2006-2010 BMW 650i; 2002-2005 745i & Li; 2006 If the coolant is low, it will warn you. Leaks or seeps can occur even with a new valve cover, but are more common on older cars. Jul 03, 2015 · Other BMW vehicles that top the list are the BMW 6 Series, 7 Series and BMW X5. very nice for an "entry" level BMW. Coolant Temperature Sensor Bmw 1 Series Fast and Free shipping available Car parts for all car makes and models The Biggest Brands At The Best Prices More than 500. Like what's your experience with the car, the reliable of the car and maintainance cost for a year (Average). Trying to make sure that I use the right stuff, I ordered a bottle of "official" BMW coolant. 185 Report; Follow; Asked by David Dec 05, 2012 at 01:19 PM about the 1996 BMW 3 Series 318i Sedan RWD. From BMW press release: "Part of this EGR module is the EGR cooler. bmw 116i coolant leak