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Itamambuca - Ubatuba-SP-Brasil
Toca do Guaiamum
Toca do Guaiamum

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Ubatuba has 84 beaches, including Felix, Praia Grande, Vermelha do Norte and Vermelha do Centro, and the Brave Prumirim of Almada and Camburi, offering options of surfing, diving and fishing. Near the city center, islands and deserted beaches, reefs and boulders surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and a nature rich with fauna and flora preserved. The city is an invitation to photographers and adventurers who enjoy hiking and trails in the Rain Forest. Guaiamum's Lair offers, tours to these places and promotional packages for schools and groups of people.

Those who visit Ubatuba has the opportunity to be in contact with still deserted beaches, waterfalls and exotic places or if you prefer the excitement of the kids who attend the city. Ubatuba is a part of Brazil is still wild and ready to be blessed Guaiamum's Lair is waiting to show you all these wonders!

Guaiamum's Lair was created from a dream to have a healthier life, away from the stress of big city. Ubatuba offers a relief, an escape from the stress of big cities, the Touch of Guaiamum came from meeting those needs 'relief and refreshment.' Since January 2001 in activity, the Touch is already recognized and sought the public going to Ubatuba.

The name 'Guaiamum's Lair' is a tribute to the crabs of the species' guaiamum 'who live in the mangroves Itamambuca and Ubatuba. Guaiamuns the fragile living in their homes in mangroves and contribute admirably in all the oceans' ecosystem.

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